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The Importance of Data Protection

One of the most important steps any business can take to ensure its security is to shred its confidential documents. 

By using a secure shredding service to destroy your confidential material your business will be protected from the very serious threat of private data falling into the wrong hands and identity theft. 

When you need to destroy a large volume of documents it can be difficult and time consuming to use an office shredder. Using an on-site shredding service you can witness the documents, including binders and staples, get thrown into a machine and destroyed within seconds. 

Following each use of a secure shredding service you will be issued with a Certificate of Destruction to prove that the confidential waste has been shredded and destroyed before it leaves your premises. It also helps the environment, as the shredded paper is then recycled. 

Secure shredding ensures you have peace of mind – you know that your business information, which may relate to customers or employees, can't be retrieved by anyone. ID fraud costs the UK economy over £2.7 billion a year and document destruction is a legal requirement under Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). 

B&M Secure Shredding offers a variety of secure lockable containers, collection, on-site confidential destruction and Certificates of Destruction to ensure that you are compliant with the DPA (failure to comply with this could result in your company being fined up to £500,000). Our vehicles include a security gate which guarantees no documents escape during the shredding process and allows you to watch our machines in action. 

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